I am quite enthusiastic about the Burp Suite Python extension I wrote. This is a Python (Jython) binding written in Java implementing the Burp Suite extension API.

In the to-do list, I mentioned that more examples need to be written to show the benefit of having the Python support in Burp Suite to write extensions.

w3af is a web application attack and audit framework written in Python with a plugin based model. I found interesting to see what's involved in enabling Burp Suite to use w3af plugins.

As a demo/proof-of-concept I created a BurpExtender.py Python extension to load and execute w3af plugins within Burp Suite.

Not all the w3af plugins can be used in Burp mainly because limitations in the BurpExtender API. So for the moment, only plugins from the grep and evasion categories are supported.

While I may look at implementing other categories of plugins, having access to the grep plugins is nice, all the traffic going through Burp will be passively scanned by the plugins, and weaknesses will be reported in the Alert tab and in the console.

How to use it:
  1. Download the BurpSuite w3af plugin
  2. Follow the instructions for the installation of the Burp suite Python extension
  3. You need to select which plugins you want to use - This is in the first lines of the BurpExtender.py:
# Here you define the name of the plugins you want (category.plugin)
plugins = ['grep.domXss',  'grep.error500', 'grep.errorPages', 'grep.feeds',  
           'grep.fileUpload','grep.hashFind', 'grep.httpAuthDetect', 'grep.privateIP', 'grep.ssn',
           'grep.strangeHeaders', 'grep.strangeHTTPCode', 'grep.strangeReason', 'grep.svnUsers', 'grep.wsdlGreper']

You need to specify the path of the w3af python modules. I have tested this program with w3af version 1.0-rc3.

# Here you should define the location of your w3af installation
w3afPath="C:\\local\\Program Files\\w3af\\w3af"
# Example for Unix "/usr/local/w3af/w3af"
  1. Start Burp (example below with Windows):
C:\Burp>java -Xmx512m -classpath burpsuite_v1.3.03.jar;burppython.jar burp.Start Burp
init: Bootstrapping class not in Py.BOOTSTRAP_TYPES[class=class org.python.core.PyStringMap]
BurpExtender.py needs to be in a folder listed below:
['C:\\Burp\\Lib', '/C:/Burp/burppython.jar/Lib', '__classpath__', '__pyclasspath__/']
loading w3af plugins
Loading grep.domXss...                     Success
Loading grep.error500...                   Success
Loading grep.errorPages...                 Success
Loading grep.feeds...                      Success
Loading grep.fileUpload...                 Success
Loading grep.hashFind...                   Success
Loading grep.httpAuthDetect...             Success
Loading grep.privateIP...                  Success
Loading grep.ssn...                        Success
Loading grep.strangeHeaders...             Success
Loading grep.strangeHTTPCode...            Success
Loading grep.strangeReason...              Success
Loading grep.svnUsers...                   Success
Loading grep.wsdlGreper...                 Success

Failed plugins are ignored and won't be proceeded. You can uncomment
the line 'print str(e)' in the module to see the actual exception

While browsing, if issues are passively identified, they will appear in the console and in the alert tab:


  1. As stated previously, not all plugins categories are supported, I may look in the future and please email me if you have this need
  2. I probably need to put more work on the evasion plugins support since there are some issues in relation to the order in which the http headers are sent back to Burp
  3. Some grep plugins won't work out of the box because they require sqlite3 python module which is not available in the Java python implementation used by the python extension (Jython). However, it is possible to have this working using the sqlite jdbc support. Please drop me an email if you need help in implementing this so you will have all plugins working.

Please give me some feedback if you try it: david@ombrepixel.com